Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome back!

Welcome back, Emerson students and parents!

It's a new school year, and the library is ready and waiting! I am so excited to be back this year for all of the wonderful things we have ahead of us. Keep an eye on this space to see what happens with student and staff book reviews, resources for parents, and library news.

My summer reading was full of mysteries written by Dorothy Sayers: they were funny and smart puzzlers with great characters. How was your summer reading? Let us know what you read this summer by leaving a comment below. Students, remember: just use your first name, and write your best.

Looking forward to a wonderful year,
Ms. Claire


Angelica said...

"The Second Summer of the Traveling Pants" was a good summer book to read.I like the book because it reminds me of taking trips to Guatemala to see my grandmother. In the book it talks about family and spending time together.

Yafeet said...

This summer I read "Dragon Ball Z".it is about a group of people who have powers. They shoot yellow beams at people that look like rockets. People could change their hair to super sand and their bodies become really strong. It would be awesome to transform into a super sand strong person.

Jose said...

This summer I read "Ninja Turtles". The ninja turtles got mad because the bad guys were hurting people. The ninja's threw the bad guys in the garbage. I liked it because then the bad guys couldn't hurt anyone anymore.

Angelee said...

Sleeping Beauty was my favorite book I read this summer. She is my favorite princess because she looks pretty in pink. I like when she gets pricked, falls asleep, then the prince kisses her.