Sunday, June 22, 2008


Welcome to the Emerson School Library Blog!

This blog is an opportunity for me to communicate in new and exciting ways with members of the Emerson community. I have lots of ideas for where it might go -- book reviews from students and staff, useful links that relate to student work, and updates on what we're reading in the library, for example -- but we won't know exactly how it will turn out until we get there.

By the way, this entry is dated so that it will always appear on the top of the page: but scroll down to see what we've been posting about.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions for what you would like to see here. I'm so glad that you're joining us on this adventure!


savon said...

Dear Ms. Claire,
i am reading the book called Max Madalone and The Great Cereal Rip Of. It is a bout a boy named Max. Max likes to buy sugar coated cereal and also likes to look at the boxes and see what they are offering. I will right to you on friday!

Noah said...

"Fly away Home" is a good book, because it has airplanes and a bird flying in the airport.The boy was sad because he missed his apartment. I was sad because he didn't have a house, but happy because he had his dad.

Sakaie said...

"Fly Away Home" The boy lived at the airport. The bird was singing and the boy was happy.

fatiha said...

I like the book "Fly Away Home". They went to the airport to live. They don't have a home of their own. The bird made the boy happy.

Gray said...

I like the book Fly Away Home because it is a good, and an interesting picture book. On college ave. there are a lot of homeless people and I feal bad for them. I hope for a better future for them.

yafeet said...

Fly away home" was an amazing book. The little kid and his father were homeless people. They had to live at the airport. The little kid was scared they might get caught. The little boy saw an old lady with a shopping cart and she was getting arrested because she stood out too much. It's kind of sad because the dad works hard, but doesn't have a house to keep the kid safe and the kid doesn't go to school.I hope his father gets a house his kid goes to school.

TORRIS said...

Ms. Claire,

My name is Torris, and i must tip my hat to you for letting the students use their creativity this are the best.


Claire Scott said...

Thank you!! I have to admit that it's easy to do all this neat stuff when we have such an amazing group of students! I love what they do.

fatiha said...

"Fantastic Mr Fox" was a great book. The farmers were trying to shoot him and they shot off his tail. Mr.Fox steals chickens. It teaches that it is not good to steal food because people get mad.