Monday, May 24, 2010

What are your favorite stories to read aloud?

It's hard to believe that the year is winding down already, but it is. Each year the library closes for two weeks in order to inventory our entire collection and take care of projects that we've been putting off for months. Families, if you have any free time to come and volunteer in the last two weeks of school, please let me know... or just drop by!

Books are due back on May 28th, this Friday. I will be continuing the decades-long Emerson tradition of baking homemade library cookies for classes who manage to get all books back or taken care of by June 4th. We will continue to have library next week, but without checking out books.

Since we're in our last few weeks of the year, I've thrown prudence to the wind and continued with some just-for-love read-alouds; we've dusted off some classics and brought out some new favorites. Among our reads this week was:

Tillie and the Wall (Dragonfly Books) Tillie and the Wall by Leo Lionni

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I love that the free thinkers and outsiders in Lionni's books always win out because the others around them appreciate their quirks and their art. They're visionaries whose curiosity pays off because the others in their communities are their best selves. It makes for an awfully nice read-aloud.

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