Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Love Herman Parish (and Amelia Bedelia)!

A few weeks ago, Ms. Claire got a call from one of our favorite community partners, Mrs. Dalloway's bookstore on College Ave. "Would Emerson students like to have a visit from an author?" they asked. When we found out that the author wrote books about one of our favorite fictional characters -- Amelia Bedelia! -- we jumped at the opportunity. And are we glad we did!

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Herman Parish spoke to first, second, and third graders, as well as kindergarteners from Kids' World, teachers, and families. He told us about his aunt, Peggy Parish, the original author of the Amelia Bedelia books, and how she got her ideas. Then we learned how he continues the tradition; and we even saw the notebook where he keeps his great ideas.

Before his talk, Mr. Parish gave an interview to two writers from the school paper, Jasmine and Nataly. (Look for that article in the next Breaking News!) Here he is, answering their excellent questions:

Look at that eager crowd! All the students had read some new and classic Amelia Bedelia stories in the last week, so we had tons to say when he asked, "what would she do a situation like this?"

Mr. Parish even brought a very special guest. You might think she looks just like Ms. Carlson, but this Amelia Bedelia definitely took things more literally than Emerson teachers do: she "dusted" Ms. Davis and "dressed" two chickens! This is one assembly that students will remember for years.

After students cheered for Mr. Parish, he came to the library and autographed books for teachers and students.

When you have a chance to talk with your child about the presentation, see if you can come up with other literal interpretations of things that we all say! What do you think Amelia Bedelia would be like if she were a student here at Emerson School? Students and families can pop in the library to check out Amelia Bedelia books and enjoy them together at home.

Many, many thanks to Mr. Parish, Mrs. Dalloway's, and to Mr. Parish's publisher, HarperCollins, for this wonderful opportunity. We can't wait to read the next book, Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off, when it's published in April!

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