Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to the new school year!

A great big welcome to our new and returning Emerson students, families, and community members! It was so wonderful to see all of our students yesterday as we kicked off the new school year.

The library was open first thing for the PTA's new parent tea. More than 40 new and returning families spent time in the library after saying goodbye to their Emerson students. Parents heard Ms. Carlson talk about the fun and importance of reading as a family, and got a check-in from Ms. Hodge -- all those kindergarteners had already settled in and were doing well. Finally, I let everybody know that the Emerson Library would love to check out books to parents, grandparents, and other family members as well as students. (More on that in the next post!)

A little while later, our enthusiastic readers lost no time in getting reacquainted with some old favorite books during recess...

... and enjoyed the library's newly renovated Reading Nook!

But that comfy purple new-to-us furniture isn't the only major change in the Fiction section: we've rearranged our book collection to support students in finding "just-right" books, and brought in wonderful new titles, too.

I hope that you'll come visit the library: introduce yourself, curl up and read with your child, check out a book or two, or chat with me about new and old favorite reads in your family. Check out all the exciting things that are happening here at the heart of Emerson School!

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