Monday, June 8, 2009

Books that reflect new readers

Enormous thanks are due to the Berkeley Public Education Foundation for their grant to the Emerson Library this year. The grant allowed us to purchase nearly 70 sturdily-bound Readers, or books that are just right for students in first and second grades, and for struggling readers up through fifth grade.

These new books gave our Reader section a desperately-needed facelift. The books we purchased with the grant reflected the lives of many of our students, written by authors of color with characters living in neighborhoods much like our own Bay Area ones. As we brought in the new books we were able to discard old, battered, dated books and give them new homes in classrooms and with students.

Our students have only just begun to enjoy their wonderful new Reader section, as the books arrived at the end of the school year. We look forward to many more years with these wonderful books.

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