Monday, April 7, 2008

And the nominee is...

All of Berkeley is in the midst of election fever... including the students of Emerson School! In March, K-3 students cast their votes for the book that they thought should win the California Young Reader Medal.

Now that Spring Break is over, the results are in!

The Emerson School favorite nominee is...

Dex: The Heart of a Hero, with 64 votes!

Close behind...
Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies
-- 55 votes
Traction Man
-- 44 votes
The Giant Hug
-- 22 votes
I Wanna Iguana
-- 14 votes

We've mailed our official school ballot to the California Young Reader Medal Committee. Now we wait while our votes are added to the votes from thousands of other students in California! The official winner will be announced in May.

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